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"HANDS-ON" Content Calendar Creation Workshop

On Wednesday, August 3rd Asilana Marketing Enterprise hosted its first Social Media Content Calendar Creation Workshop at The Picture Project CLT Selfie Museum. Opening the doors to only a handful of corporate professionals and business owners afforded each attendee the opportunity to receive tips and tricks unique to their specific needs.

The workshop was facilitated by AME’s very own Analisa Wade, who shared the “AME Brain Dump” method for planning strategic content and brand messaging. At the beginning of the event, business owners expressed their concerns about being overwhelmed with the content creation process. Trona, founder of Passions Beyond Fitness explained “It’s so much and sometimes I have so many ideas, so I just don’t do any of them. I’ll post one thing and then wait another four months to post again.” This is not unique to just her, a lot of professionals share that same sentiment.

After the workshop, she left feeling empowered and encouraged to take her content planning to the next level, “I love the AME method, this is literally how my brain works.”

April Hairston, founder of the McCants Agency, was also excited to learn new methods for streamlining her content creation process. She found that the workshop provided her with “a plethora of resources to utilize along with tangible tools to organize and create effective content.”

This workshop was the first of its kind, but it won’t be the last one put on by Asilana Marketing Enterprise.