01. Overview

Client Profile

Charlotte Indoor Air Quality Specialists and Mold Inspectors Build Brand Awareness and Increase Customer Leads by 20%

the challenge

Smith Environmental Solutions, an indoor air quality and mold inspection business based in Charlotte, NC, has been operating for over 15 years. The founder, Daniel Smith, had experienced many successes over the years, but after a while, the business hit a standstill. Recognizing this standstill, Daniel did not want to wait to see if things would get better, he wanted to do something about it while he had the chance.

Smith Environmental Solutions needed a plan. They needed to reassess where they were at versus where they wanted to go and they needed us to help them figure out the best strategy to get there. Their biggest challenge was helping prospective clients understand the need for their services. Since indoor air quality and mold inspections are not federally regulated, they struggled to convince people of the importance of getting their homes inspected by a certified mold inspector, improving their indoor air quality for their family, and ultimately paying for those services.

At first, Daniel was extremely skeptical about hiring an agency, since he had just gone from an awful experience. Daniel had hired a marketing agency to help build his company, but instead, they did nothing but cash his checks, offering no return on investment. Not willing to give up on his marketing journey for his business, he reached out to many marketing agencies to help him turn things around and when he found AME, he decided we were the perfect fit for his company and what he wanted to achieve.

Message from Founder

Asilana Marketing Enterprise has been nothing shy of amazing for me and company. From the inception, Analisa has been a straight shooter about her profession and told me from the start to trust her and it will be a process. Skeptical at first however, now I am glad I listened to her advice.
Daniel Smith
Founder, Smith Environmental Solutions

The Rebranding Process

As part of the rebranding process, we setup and directed a personal branding photoshoot and commercial exclusively with the founder of Smith Environmental Solutions. This allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone, take time to perfect his messaging and share his brand vision with the world, professionally. 

Client Testimonial

"Before hiring AME, my business was struggling in marketing and brand awareness after a previous company sold me a marketing package that did not work. They started working with us in March and I can truly say that I am thoroughly pleased. I appreciate the honesty, the "do what they say" and the results. The team is patient with us and always suggesting the right course of action. We look forward to the future with AME."
Daniel Smith
Client, Smith Environmental Solutions




After understanding the needs of Smith Environmental Solutions, we were able to identify the core of their issue: the business had no identity. It would be very difficult for anyone to sell themselves or their business without taking the time to sit back and DEFINE it first. We worked with the team to develop their brand story, their purpose, and how they could pitch the necessity of their services to prospective clients. We took it a step further and found ways the company could build meaningful relationships in the community for causes they support.

Our number one goal was to build personality and brand awareness. We brainstormed with the team over a series of marketing and strategy meetings to map out various awareness opportunities and ways to build their presence in the city and online. We were able to create an AME marketing collateral, marketing and business strategy, social media graphic, and branding package for their team that would lead them down the road to success.

the impact

Increase of 51% lead generation form completion rate over 1 year period

Locally Top 3 Ranked company in Google Search Engine for "Mold Inspector" and "Indoor Air Quality Specialist"

Increase in customer leads (phone calls) by 20%

Feature in the national publication The Harlem Times

Community partnerships to build brand awareness within the city

custom graphics

website redesign



Top 3 Ranked Locally: Improved Search Engine Rankings

#1 Rank: Yelp Local Search "Indoor air quality testing"

#2 Rank: Google Local Search "Indoor air quality specialist"

#2 Rank: Yelp Local Search "Mold Inspection"

#3 Rank: Google Local Search "Top Mold Inspectors"

Would you recommend ame?

"The hands on that the AME team provides, for me, is very beneficial for me as a business owner. Analisa is the type that is always smiling and encouraging others to do the same. During our calls, she is always giving me great advice for my business and that is very important to me. For those very reasons, I highly recommend Analisa Wade and her dedicated team at AME, I believe in her passion to help others in accomplishing their marketing and business dreams."
Daniel Smith
Client, Smith Environmental Solutions

scope of work



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