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Small Business Initiatives.

We are proud to be a creative firm that has supports many small businesses on their growth journey. We offer a wide range of services that specifically cater to small business owners and their goals. If you are interested in partnering with us for your small business, book a discovery design session to get started.

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Social Media Strategy
In this 2 hour workshop you will gain a basic understanding on how to run your social media platforms like a pro. We will teach you how to use the most trusted platforms in the industry and how to track your results as you go.

This is a live course, held virtually as a one-on-one session, catered specifically towards your business. You will be able to ask brand-specific questions, growth strategies, and more.

Platforms focused on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Make content calendars for your business on professional platforms

  • Use social media scheduling tool like an expert

  • Fully understand social media reports and important business metrics

  • Come up with hashtag strategies and measure their individual success

  • Map out goals for social media campaigns

  • Creating posting schedules that make sense for your audience

  • Save BIG: Run your social media pages like a pro 

  • Get a personalized ACTION Plan on what to do post-workshop.

Workshop Cost $499

Project Management
We've worked with various business owners and one common trait is they all have TONS of ideas. Ideas are great, but even better when put into action.

Our 1.5 hour project management workshop will help you strategically map out your business ideas, goals, and deadlines in a way that best works for your brain. We will also help you set deadlines and workflows for yourself and/or team members.

This workshop includes a one-on-one tutorial on our favorite project management systems tailored to best fit you and your business needs.
  • Learn the basics of project management for business.

  • Organize and sort your ideas into actionable items

  • Learn how to properly goal-set and track your progress towards achieving them

  • Hand-on tutorial on the most recommended project management systems

  • Learn how to effectively set deadlines and workflows for yourself and even your entire team.

Workshop Cost $299

Website Health Check
If you already have a website, but feel like it could be improved this workshop is for you. Maybe you are interested in a AME Website Refresher Package or need some tips on how to improve your site on your own.

In this 30 minute workshop we will walkthrough your current site and come up with ways you can improve your site.
  • Get a full review of your website from a design expert

  • Get tips and tricks on how to improve your design

  • Learn a few basic tweaks that can improve your conversion

  • Get ingishts on website dos and donts

  • Get a one-page action plan based on what we discuss

Workshop Cost $199