mind over matter wellness

Mind Over Matter Wellness (MOMW) wanted a unique digital platform to start their movement. They reached out to AME to design them something memorable and eye-catching. The company focuses on helping individuals find their purpose by discovering mind, fueling their soul, and exploring the capabilities of their body. 

Colors & Design

The first collection of their apparel line is themed “Growing Back to Our Roots.” Like the theme suggests, their brand’s key focus is nature. We chose to bring in natural colors that depicted nature to give their site that raw, authentic feel of outdoors.


scenic blue



tinted grey

Mind over matter wellness grid

Elevate Your Mind!

Project Feedback

"The team were some of the kindest and most like minded individuals I have had the pleasure of working with! Not only were they always willing to listen to the vision I had, but they were also prepared to give advice as well as the logic behind why one thing may be better than another for my website. On top of being easy to work with, the team are skilled professionals at what they do and will ensure that your product/service goes beyond your standards! Very grateful to have been able to work with Asilana Marketing and would highly recommend!
Tristan Walliser
Founder, Mind Over Matter Wellness